Continuous AD monitoring for McCain's CHP case study


Courtesy of Geotech


Anaerobic digestion




Whittlesey, United Kingdom


McCain Foods


McCain Foods corporate affairs director, Bill Bartlett said, “The Geotech static gas analyser is here to analyse gas quality as it is drawn off before and after a hydrogen sulphide scrubber. The analyser readings will measure scrubber performance and protect our gas engine. If H2S levels exceed pre-set limits, the McCain control systems will respond automatically to the analyser’s signals and divert gas to flare and avoid compromising the engine.”


McCain’s covered anaerobic treatment lagoon, the size of two football pitches, produces methane for burning or flaring from 77,000 cubic metres of wastewater rich in potato starch. The anaerobic lagoon is the first stage in McCain’s wastewater treatment process. The lagoon’s cover keeps out oxygen and enables collection of methane destined for burning in the combined heat and power (CHP) gas engine to produce electricity. Currently, McCain is burning its own biogas in its steam-producing boilers to reduce its use of natural gas. Its renewable energy in the CHP engine will provide about ten percent of the factory's annual electricity needs.

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