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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Equipment – Guidance & Selection


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There has never been such a wide range of analysers and systems available for continuous emissions monitoring as there is today. In the UK there are over 12 manufacturers and distributors offering CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring systems) using a variety of technologies including UV and IR absorption, FTIR, DOAS, chemiluminescence and photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS). The majority of CEMS are approved by some international agency or test house for instance US-EPA and the German TÜV. A growing number of systems are now approved under the Environment Agency MCERTS scheme which aims to give operators and regulators alike a measure of confidence that the CEMS equipment is fit for purpose for use on a particular process (i.e. waste incineration). Although manufacturers may offer instrumentation with a wide range of operating techniques, the sampling of the pollutants comes down to two main techniques, extractive monitoring and in-situ monitoring.

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