Continuous level measurement of ink & silicon case study


MonoScan provides a reliable and accurate continuous level indication of ink & silicon mixture, in one of Italy's leading supplier of process machinery.

Enrico Molteni S.R.L, located in the area of Milan, is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of mixing and dispersion systems for the process industry. These systems contain all the equipment required to ensure their unfailing operation. The plant sought an ultrasonic gauge that would provide level measurement results of ink and silicon mixture in one of its mixing systems.

The problems

The mixing system incorporates supplementary equipment that guarantees continuous and online data of the material being mixed in the system. This specific system is intended to produce a mixture of ink and silicon used for coloring textile products. After the mixing process is completed the mixture is being streamed to a basin that is part of the system and incorporates two rolls through which the fluid is conveyed to the next processing step.

Multeni sought an ultrasonic gauging device to measure the level of this mixture after entering the basin before emptying and refilling. Since the ink is being mixed with silicon the mixture tends to be viscous and dense which may result a low echo. In addition, the material is known to be explosive and therefore requires the equipment located in its surrounding to be approved for such installation. Moreover, the system's surrounding contains pumps, engines and other noisy equipment that may disturb the ultrasonic waves. In addition, obstacles such as the rolls inside the basin may also cause acoustic interferences to the ultrasonic beam and affect the final measurement results.

The solution

Multeni has decided to install one MonoScan L unit to be part of its mixing system. The unit was installed on a lifted flange above the system's basin. Since the MonoScan is designed as a compact ultrasonic gauge, it could easily fit to the system. Moreover, the MonoScan unit that was chosen is Ex approved and therefore meets the requirements of installation in hazardous area such as the mixture material. A special software algorithm embedded in the MonoScan's was activated to eliminate acoustic interferences caused by rolls and other obstacles in its surrounding. The unit was connected to a PLC via 4- 20mA analog output to allow continuous reading of the mixture level to the main control desk. These measurement results can be also viewed locally, on the MonoScan display.



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