Continuous noise monitoring for environmental application

The increasing awareness of the public of environmental issues such as CO2 emissions, carbon footprints and waste recycling has brought the issue of environmental noise to the fore. Many of the demands of modern society result in the creation of noise sources such as larger airports, additional power stations and higher road traffic levels. In addition to this, the expansion of towns and cities, driven by the demand for housing, has often resulted in the development of land near to existing noise sources.

These trends have meant that many more industries are now required to monitor their environmental noise impact
and where operations are 24 hours, to carry out continuous noise monitoring. Environmental noise, caused by traffic, industrial and recreational activities is one of the main local environmental problems in Europe and the source of an increasing number of complaints from the public.

Generally however action to reduce environmental noise has had a lower priority than that taken to address other
environmental problems such as air and water pollution.

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