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Continuous Oxygen Monitor Detects Leaks in Nitrogen Dewar Storage

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Extremely low maintenance oxygen (O2) monitor designed to continuously monitor confined spaces for low oxygen levels available from PureAire Oxygen Monitors. PureAire Oxygen Monitor is suitable in all environments containing nitrogen, helium, argon, or any cryogenic gases. PureAire is unaffected by temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, or any environmental changes. The instrument displays oxygen concentrations on a local analog or digital display and outputs a corresponding analog signal.

The heart of PureAire’s Oxygen Monitor is a long lasting zirconium oxide sensor which responds to low oxygen conditions within 5 seconds and provides accurate measurements even in areas subjected to high electro-magnetic fields. The sensor boasts a 10+ year operational life and requires absolutely no maintenance. The oxygen monitors operating temperature and humidity ranges are -22F to 122F (-30C to 50C) and 0-99% RH, respectively.

The PureAire Oxygen Deficiency Monitor may be linked to any distributed control system or programmable logic controller. It operates on 24VDC power. It is also enclosed in a NEMA 4X enclosure for all environmental conditions. Optional user-adjustable alarm relays and audible alarms are available.

For more information on the PureAire Oxygen Monitor, contact PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc., 557 Capital Drive, Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047; phone 888-788-8050, fax 847-726-6051, or contact us via contact form. You may also visit the company’s website at www.PureAireMonitoring.com, and www.MonitorOxygen.com.

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