Control of malodors using Ecosorb - A natural product



Ecosorb removes many malodors, including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, from the environment. It is made up of a combination of essential oils consisting of an equilibrium of neutral organic compounds and organic buffers. Its pH ranges from 4.0 to 6.8.

Acidic malodors such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide are removed by at least four mechanisms including solubility, oxidation/reduction, neutralization and addition across double bonds. Basic malodors such as ammonia and other amines are removed by at least three mechanisms including solubility, addition and neutralization. In all cases the final products consist of organic salts, newly formed organic compounds, very weak natural organic acids (those that were present in the original essential oil mixture), and malodors dissolved in the water/ oil mixture. Resulting organic compounds are frequently subjected to oxidation or reduction when in solution. In the case of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide these reactions result in the formation of free sulfur, or higher oxidation states including SO2 and SO3.

The removal efficiency is related to the interaction of the above-mentioned mechanisms, the atomizing efficiency (size and speed of droplets), humidity, temperature and reaction time.

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