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Control of vehicle suspension using a Non-linear Energy Sink controller

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A Non-linear Energy Sink (NES) controller is designed and used to control actively or semi-actively the dynamics of vehicle suspension systems. A vertical vehicle dynamic model is developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NES controller. The proposed controller utilises non-linear spring and damping elements, which are attached to the primary suspension system. The non-linear damping elements reduce the dynamic load of the tyres and improve the handling performance, while the non-linear spring elements absorb vibration energy transmitted by road disturbance and improve the vehicle ride comfort. Simulation results show that the proposed controller can potentially achieve a balance between ride comfort and handling performance.

Keywords: nonlinear energy sinks, NES controller, LQR, suspension systems, control strategy, vehicle suspensions, vehicle dynamic modelling, handling performance, tyre load, vehicle vibration, ride comfort, simulation

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