Control Technique Dynamics Limited – Case Study


Courtesy of Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD

Project Highlights

Envirochem managed and offered the complete package at the best price to fit the clients time restraints and allowing continued unaffected work within the factory. Envirochem utilised asbestos licensed scaffolders, electricians, ceiling fixers, and asbestos removers. Keeping the continuation of the project and overflow of the trades was a logistical difficulty that we completed smoothly.

Project Description

To remove asbestos over-spray and encapsulate asbestos over-spray to beams. To completely replace the ceiling and install a new high tech ‘Energy Saving Lighting System’ which we gained a grant for from the government and proved the savings to the Board of Directors in France.

Project Scope

To build a birdcage scaffold to allow asbestos removal works can be carried out above the warehouse floor. Works done in five phases with a consultant on site through out giving confidence to the workforce throughout.  Upon completion the warehouse was returned back with a new ceiling at a lower level giving a cleaner look. Lighting was increased at a lower voltage but higher level thus improving working conditions and saving electricity.

Prior to project commencement, Envirochem delivered asbestos awareness courses to all staff. A question and answer session was implemented and a full briefing to the staff to explain how the works would be carried out.

During an 8 week programme with 5 phases the asbestos was made safe and the working conditions were improved.

Envirochem are currently reviewing the company's asbestos Management plan and completing the updated reassessment before entering into further remediations.

Customer comments

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