Control VOCs and Odors

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Manufactured gas plants (MGPs) have kept cities Iighted and fueled since the Industrial Revolution. Today, cleaning up these sites presents a special challenge because of the potential for release ofVOCs and odors. Fortunately, remediation professionals have several effective emission control technologies to choose from.

Where are they located?

The historical record of MGPs in the United States is far from complete. However, the fragments that do exist provide a fascinating glimpse into the sheer ubiquity of this industry. For example Brown’s Directory of North American Gas Plants (1887 edition) identifies 1,500 MGP sites around the country. Early U.S. Census Bureau reports document the number and location of MGP sites by state. By the 1 860s every U.S. state, with the exception of Arkansas, was host to at least one MGP while sorne states, such as Iowa and Nw York, eventually carne to host hundreds.

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