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Controlling H2S Emissions from Landfill Gas


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A major US waste handling company operates a large landfill in Florida, and in 1992, when Hurricane Andrew struck southern Florida, the landfill saw a huge increase in the amount of C&D waste. Shortly after this, the levels of H2S started dramatically rising. This company evaluated several technologies for the removal of H2S, which was estimated to be as high as 5000 ppmv, with up to 2-3 tons/ day H2S being removed with the landfill gas. This presented a problem, since the landfill planned to generate up to 11 MW power from 3-5 turbine powerplants by burning this landfill gas. All combustion equipment has a certain tolerance for H2S and its corrosive combustion products, but turbines have the lowest tolerance. The equipment at the facility could only tolerate 100 ppmv inlet H2S, well below the current levels in the landfill gas.

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