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Controlling the Earth's albedo using reflective hollow glass spheres

Volcanic eruptions have been found to cool the Earth's atmosphere by ejecting dust into the atmosphere. It should be possible to mimic this effect by designing a substitute for this dust consisting of buoyant reflective glass bubbles. This substitute will form a more efficient and long lasting sunscreen. This paper describes the design of such glass bubbles, and the implications and constraints imposed by the choice of materials. It shows the proposal is technically and economically feasible, controllable, of limited lifespan, and environmentally neutral. Actual development and testing will be needed to determine some of the parameters involved. It is clear the idea can be developed and tested experimentally for a very low initial outlay in cost and resources.

Keywords: global environmental issues, climate change, geoengineering, albedo, glass bubbles, glass spheres, microspheres, hydrogen, helium, sunscreens, reflective glass bubbles, materials selection, bubble design, environmental impact

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