Controlling volative levels of iron solution

SmartScan® 25 provides an efficient and reliable ultrasonic solution for measuring volume of iron solution in a steel production plant in Kirandul, India.

The ESSAR company is located in Kirandul in the Visag district in Central East India. The company produces iron out of nature ore on site. ESSAR company is India's largest exporter of flat products, selling almost one-third of their production to the highly demanding US and European markets.

The problems

One of the production phases is to transfer a solution of iron and water by pipes to a remote site placed more then 400km from Kirandul. The solution is collected into two tanks of 18m height and 10m diameter before being transferred. The main problem is to assure maximum capacity of the tanks in order to ensure a continuing flow of the solution trough the pipes. Unreliable level control will not allow the solution production to be optimal and therefore lead to low production efficiency. Much monetary savings can be accomplished by correct and reliable monitoring. The ESSAR company furthermore had an essential need for a cost effective and simple solution to control the mixing of their product. Also a reliable product was needed to control the pumps which activate the filling and emptying process inside/outside the vessel and activate alarms to signal problematic situations.

Another aspect to be considered when measuring this application is the turbulence inside the vessels. Turbulence makes the measurement surface change rapidly requiring a fast responding measurement device. The only access to the vessels is by a bridge at the top. In order to be accessible, the control unit should be placed conveniently on the bridge while the sensor can be located far from the control unit – at the most suitable place for reliable measurement.

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