Controlling weather extremes – turning rainfall to an advantage


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Shropshire and the surrounding areas are well known to experience seasonal flooding, according to the Shropshire Star. Whilst wet ground conditions can be a burden, triggering increased costs, lower output and extra work, the advantages of rainfall certainly outweigh the opposite extreme of the weather spectrum.

Shaun Jones, rural professional director of Halls, Shrewsbury, explained that through his professional experience he has three particular messages relating to water on agricultural property. The first is that the prospect of mains water rising is inevitable and we are also likely to experience more seasonal droughts. Farmers should consider installing boreholes to capture as much rainfall as possible.

The second point raised by Jones is that, although land drainage is expensive to install, improvements are justified. Systems installed many years ago need maintenance and the time and cost checking and jetting them will offer a good return on the investment.

Thirdly, Jones details how surprising volumes of surface water can be collected from large roof and concrete yard areas. These volumes of rain can be a hindrance if they fill slurry pits and trigger a storage problem, whereas rainwater harvesting systems capture this surplus water and can even fact attract grant aid. Enduramaxx rainwater tanks, being vertical storage tanks that store roof run-off safely and securely, capture large volumes of free water and store it safely and securely. The Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme (FFIS), for example, provided grants of up to 50 per cent of the cost up to £35,000 for such installations and installing a rainwater harvesting system is considerably easier on a newly designed building than on older set-ups.

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