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Conversion to Extensive Grass Land for Flood Risk Management

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The Mitigation Strategy of the measure Conversion to Extensive Grassland refers to flood prevention and environmental protection also.

Flood protection can be achieved by:

  • Increase the infiltration of rainwater by high roughness and preventing soil silting,
  • Reducing the flow velocity of surface run off,
  • The hydrologic-hydraulic effect varies depending on the vegetation, soil condition at the time of conversion (compression, water conductivity) and the season.

Environmental protection by:

  • Improve habitat and biotope networking function for plant and animal species characteristic of open land (particularly potential grassland bird-nesting areas, bird resting places),
  • Protection of the soil from water erosion,
  • Groundwater protection trough reduction of nitrate leachate,
  • Appreciation of the landscape and increase the effectiveness of the experience of landscape (depending on the grassland proportion of the landscape).

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