Coolant Clean-up at Precision Machine Shop


Courtesy of Abanaki Corporation

In business since 1928 family owned Hahn Manufacturing Company supplies precision prototype and production machined parts for OEMs across the country. ¡ts main facility in Cleveland, OH handles large precision-machined components for different industries induding power generation, power transmission, steel Foundries and mining. A separate facility in nearby Newbury, OH is committed to precision machining of the smaller components.
Coolant Challenges & Costs

When the Newbury facility began experiencing leakage of tramp oil into its coolant the company quickly began searching for a solution. in addition to the unpleasant odor that oil-laden coolant produces, the cause of the problem - anaerobic bacteria that forms iii the tank - can compromise the work environment The resulting contaminated coolant can begin to smoke when it comes in contact with the heat from a cutting tool in operation. Moreover as Hahn Manufacftiring plarit manager Gary Ott reveals, maintenance and disposal costs also can be of great concem,
‘We were looking at changing the coolant every six months or so, which in a 50 gallon tank of metal working fluid can become very costly ven’ fast, Ott says.

The costs of proper disposal were proving to be even mure pruliibitive thaii thuse associated with shurtened coolant life. “Disposal expenses were becoming even greater that the cost of replacing the tank with entirely new fluid, he acknowledges.

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