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Cooling Towers - AZUD filtration solutions for the Healthcare Center in the Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi.


Courtesy of Sistema Azud, S.A.

AZUD supplies the better solution for the treatment of the water used in the cooling systems of one of the most important hospital of the Persian Gulf.


The Healthpoint of Zayed Sports City is one of most important Healthcare Centers of Abu Dhabi. It has international agreements as the one signed with the Manchester City Football Club. This center offers a premium service, with a wide range of disciplines related with the preventive and curative medicine. It offers individual attention, taking maximum care of the comfort elements, making the experience of the patient and / or visitor as pleasant as possible.

Due to the weather conditions of the area, one of the key aspects of the building is the use of highly efficient cooling systems guaranteeing the continuous operation.

The installation Company has trusted in AZUD for the treatment of water used in the cooling systems, guaranteeing:

1. Increase of the system efficiency and reduction of the energy consumption
2. Increase of the useful life of the installation and reduction of maintenance costs.
3. Optimization of the water consumption and chemicals used for its treatment.
4. Reduction the health hazards, including Legionella.

The solution

AZUD designed a filtration system with capacity for the treatment of 200 mVh. This system is made by 4 units of AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL4/6FX DLP for the treatment in the continuous recirculation process which makes the physical retention and sequential self-cleaning processes. Completely autonomous with operation values of only 1.5 bar. The filtration process guarantees the retention of the totality of the solids higher than 20 micron and a percentage of the smaller size, independently of the nature of these (organics or inorganics).

Thanks to the solution, the concentration of particles and the levels of turbidity are dramatically reduced, guaranteeing the continuity of the process, the quality of water and the active and continuous contribution in the maintenance of the energetic efficiency.

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