Copper Electrolyte Purification Systems Expand


Courtesy of Eco-Tec Inc.

The formula for success – for Eco-Tec’s Copper Electrolyte Purification Systems – has been to deliver a simple, economical system for purifying acid bleed streams. Now, this technology is being applied further by Eco-Tec to address additional contaminants involved in
the production of high purity copper.

These Electrolyte Purification Systems are based on the world-leading Acid Purification Unit (APU®) design, which has been installed in close to 400 operations around the globe – recovering many different acids in many different industries, including the treatment of hydromet streams.

For electrorefining and electrowinning operations, certain contaminants are known to drive up a number of costs while hindering purity levels and process efficiency. The

problematic contaminants, which can differ depending
upon the composition of the feedstock, are:
• Nickel,
• Bismuth/Antimony,
• Arsenic,
• Selenium,
• Tellurium.

For years, electrorefining and electrowining operations wishing to efficiently produce high-purity copper have relied on Eco-Tec’s Copper Electrolyte Purification Systems to continually remove nickel and iron impurities from copper electrolyte bleed streams. Now, however, these operations can incorporate solutions that specifically
cater to each contaminant problem.

The new Electrolyte Purification Systems include:
• NiRS- Nickel Removal System
• BARS- Bismuth/Antimony Removal System
• ARS- Arsenic Removal System
• SeRS – Selenium Removal System
• TeRS- Tellurium Removal System.

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