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Copper Wire Granulator, Novel to You?


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Copper Wire Granulator is a kind of excellent waste recycling and environmentally friendly equipment used for granulating waste copper wire and separating the copper from plastic to get the pure copper granule and plastic finally. It also can be called wire granulator / cable granulator / copper wire recycling machine / copper wire granulator/ copper cable recycling machine / copper cable granulator.
The material of the waste wire can be telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and other various miscellaneous material cables, communication cables etc, which diameter should be within 20mm. 

What’s more, copper cable granulator is divided into dry-type, wet- type and static-type.
The so-called dry-type copper wire granulator refers to the sorting process needs no water. Therefore, it belongs to a more Eco-friendly machine. During the sorting process, this kind of copper wire granulator prefers the environment-friendly way, such as, air sorter, air shaker or electrostatic separation. The main technological process is crushing—air flow separating and selecting—(electrostatic separation)—dust collection. (Electrostatic separation rarely used on copper wire granulator now.)

Wet separation, a traditional method, comes from the mineral selection. It mainly adopts the sorting way by gravity shaker. The main technological process is crushing (with water)—gravity shaker (with water). Generally speaking, this method will cause a small amount of secondary pollution on the environment because of the need of water in the process of production. However, it can be widely and efficiently used for recycling miscellaneous wire and plug wire and so on.

Static-type copper cable granulator is primarily used for recycling and dealing with miscellaneous wires, automotive wire, wool silk thread and other household wires or what not. Due to the high voltage electrostatic separation, it is called static-type copper wire granulator. The principle of sorting is decided by the difference of the charge type and conductivity formed by metals and plastics in the high voltage electrostatic. 

At last, hope the above introduction can help you have a basic knowledge about the copper wire granulator. By the way, Zhengzhou Amisy has been focused on manufacturing superb copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine since its foundation in 2000 year and we do our utmost to ensure that your requirements are met.

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