Core technology part 2: transit-time ultrasonic

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Courtesy of Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Since the introduction of ultrasonic transit-time flow meters, manufacturers have continually improved their measurement and signal processing capabilities. Recent advances in digital correlation transit-time technology allow customers to use this convenient, non-intrusive installation to address some of the more challenging flow applications.

Ultrasonic flow meters are divided into two measurement technologies: Doppler & transit-time. These technologies are available in two styles: 1) clamp-on (non-intrusive to the piping system) or 2) wetted (inserted into the pipe with the sensors exposed to the flowing fluid).

Traditionally, magnetic flow meters have been used in water and waste water applications. If ultrasonic flow meters were used at all they were typically based on Doppler technology. However, with advances in signal processing and more powerful transducers, transit-time technology has far surpassed earlier predecessors in measuring these commonly “dirty” flows.

This paper focuses on the unique capabilities of transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement technology and explains how recent advances have allowed this technology to be used in the toughest applications.

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