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Corporate education for sustainability

Development - a necessity to meet the demand of growth and the living conditions of mankind; though it only makes sense if it is made subject to environmental sustainability. This process requires changes in the way of life in society and in the way companies do business, i.e., new competences in this great challenge of education. This article aims to discuss the importance of corporate education systems (CESs) in fostering the competences necessary for companies to face the challenges of sustainability in their management processes. To this end, we conducted a research and analysis of secondary data on the topic in the literature and on primary data collected from some organisations and stakeholders. It was concluded that the importance of corporate education systems in the management process of sustainability becoming protagonists in developing competences for sustainability is high, due to its nature of creation of knowledge, skills and values.

Keywords: sustainability education, corporate education, environmental education, sustainable development, environmental sustainability, sustainability management, competences

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