Corporate Social Responsability Benchmark Study: Report Summary

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In the context of an ever-changing, globally connected society, businesses face new and different risks in providing goods and services. A new trend for multi-national corporations is to establish corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to address these risks and move towards opportunity with greater transparency than ever before. For nearly a decade, Environmental Resource Services (ERS) has provided Fortune 200 companies with the tools and expertise needed to achieve environmental and social responsibility goals.

The CSR Benchmark Study, completed in October 2004, was conducted to examine what and how global companies are developing their CSR programs. The companies represent a diverse mix of industries, including finance, manufacturing, construction, extractive and industrial transportation headquartered in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The companies were screened using the ERS Sustainability Scorecard™, an independent assessment tool that ranks performance on five major CSR competencies associated with shareholder return. From the Scorecard results, nine leading companies were selected for in depth interviews – including 3M, Citigroup, Nike, Procter and Gamble, and UPS.

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