Corporate Wolves In Victim`s Clothing


Triallawyers are always tellingstories aboutvictims. They speak of griewng parents forced to stand over the graves of children killed by defective products. They talk of oncestrong men and women who can no longersupport theirfamilies because of on-the-job accidents. They even tell the stones of infants whose futures were stolen during their birth by negligent doctors. But in aU these accounts, they’veforgotten different group of victims: thevictims of our justice system.  These are men like Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the former chairman of American International Group, Inc. It took Greenberg nearly 30 years to build a multibillion-dollar fortune.  Throughout those years, Greenberg was constantly v~ctimized by a civil justice system that forced his company to pay the medical bills of individuals injured by those he insured.

Asithat weren’tenough,EhotSpiuer, the NewYork attorney general, alleged that Greenberg made his biions through illegal business practices.  Thanks to Spitzer, Greenbergwaskicked out of the company be built and was ordered to transfer over $2 billion in assets to his wife’s narne.l Is it any wonder that Greenberg has accused trial lawyers of being”terronsts” thatmustbestoppedat any cost?’

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