CorrCost: Calculating material damage and costs

CorrCost is a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform for modelling material damage, cost estimates are based on environmental parameter. Dose-response functions and lifetime equations are calculated and the resulting costs for maintenance, repair and re-placement are estimated.

The CorrCost system is an autonomy part built on the software platform for AirQUIS. AirQUIS is a management and decision support system for environmental issues.

CorrCost: Calculating material damage and costs

The AirQUIS systems can be used as a management tool for planners, an information tool for the public and an expert system for specialists. The Corr-Cost system can contribute to a management tool by calculating the material costs caused by air pollution and benefits linked to different emission reduction strategies.

The user interface is to a large extent a map interface from which spatial distribution of pollution concentrations, corrosion rates for materials and lifetime between maintenance and repair can be presented.

The database is designed to be a tool for storing all the necessary data for conducting a corrosion impact analysis for a city or region. This means that the CorrCost database takes care of:

  • Air pollution data
  • Corrosion and lifetime data for materials
  • Stock of material at risk
  • Total cost for maintainance and repair these materials
  • Costs in an unpolluted situation
  • Fraction of the cost that can be linked to the air pollution.

The CorrCost components

CorrCost makes use of an Oracle database and has integrated forms and maps developed in Visual-Basic and MapObject.

CorrCost consists of:

  • A manual data entering information.
  • A module for calculating the corrosion rate for materials
  • A module for calculating the lifetime for maintenance and repair for materials
  • A module for implementing the amount of material at risk, direct entry or based on statistical information and building registers
  • A module for calculating the cost for maintenance and repair
  • A module for calculating the total cost for selected scenarios

The cost module also give the possibility to separate the cost linked to the air pollution from the cost linked to climatic parameters.

The GIS functionality

The GIS functionality of CorrCost is designed to give the user a better understanding of link between the lifetime of materials and the environmental condition:

  • GIS makes it easier to allocate the amount of materials into the right part of a city.
  • GIS makes it possible to present the corrosion rate and lifetime of materials geographically
  • GIS makes it possible to describe the materials costs geographically.

Displaying results of model calculations as maps can be used for public information on material damages and costs in a city.

CorrCost: Calculating material damage and costs

CorrCost Technical Description

The AirQUIS software is developed for a Windows NT platform. AirQUIS uses Oracle database. The database runs on a Windows NT server.

AirQUIS uses Map-Objects from ESRI to build the GIS. MapObjects is compatible with ArcView and ArcInfo. AirQUIS is a multi-user system, where one database server supports several client installations.

CorrCost applications

Norwegian projects:

  • Air Pollution-Impact and Values in Norway
  • CorrCost-Development of a module for corrosion cost in urban areas.



International projects:

  • CorrCost for calculating material cost in Guangzhou, China

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