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Corrosion-Resistant PVC Sends Metal Pipe Down the Drain Case Study


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Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) systems are necessary in every building for removing sewage and storm water from a variety of fixtures and regulating air pressure to facilitate flow. Pipes used in traditional DWV systems for commercial buildings due to code restrictions have long been made of copper and heavy cast iron. However, performance has often been an issue knowing that sanitary and storm drain flows can aggressively attack metal pipe. These common substances include salts, acids, and moist air. Corroding pipelines will require frequent maintenance to prevent them from plugging and will eventually fail causing possible flood damage and requiring replacement.After decades of having few viable alternatives, System XFR® from IPEX is quickly emerging as the new standard for commercial and institutional buildings. From corrosion resistance and easier installation, to reduced maintenance and long-term cost savings, engineers and contractors are discovering the benefits of switching to System XFR.

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