Corrugated Sheet Plant


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The previous wastewater treatment was composed of the following chemicals: an acidic coagulant, caustic for pH adjustment, and an anionic polymer made down to 1% solution. The facility used 3-4 gallons of coagulant, 2-3 gallons of caustic, and 2-3 gallons of anionic flocculant (at a 1% solution) at a cost of $50/batch. The operator stated that they had low solids, they tended to overdose which blinded the press. That required 3-4 hours to clean and restore the press to operation.

Integrated Engineers, Inc treated the water using Floccin-J at a dosage of 5 lbs/2,300 gallons of wastewater. The operator mentioned that during the test was the worst water due to the facilities clean up operations on the weekends. The wastewater treated easily with only 5 lbs of Floccin J; making a good floc with clear treated water. The dewatered filter cake was extremely dry and released well from the filter plates.

Floccin J provided a significant savings for the facility, reduced the three chemicals to one, reduced labor, and provided superior finished water quality over the previous chemistry.

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