Corrugator Wastewater Design Build

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Corrugator Wastewater Design Build

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A Pre-Print Facility requested the service of Integrated to design and build a waste water treatment system to treat their 1,000 gallon/day of wastewater.

The previous system, an Alar system, was too labor intensive, and required Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) as a precoat to the rotary vacuum filter. The existing system also required over 50 hp of electricity for pumps, mixers, etc. (30 hp for the vacuum filter alone).

The project included removal of the Alar system and then installation of a new Reaction Tank, Floccin Feeder, Mixer, 25 cubic foot Filter Press with new concrete pad, Main Control Panel with PLC controlled process, Floccin™ Feeder with supersack, and all new conduit, controls, interfacing with the existing EQ Tanks and pumps, and piping.

The removal of the old equipment and installation was completed in 4 and a half days allowing the facility to maintain production throughout the project.

The new system requires only 5 hp to operate, no DE as a precoat for the filter press, minimal operator attention and had a 2008 total cost of $125,000.

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