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Cosmic Heat Emission concept to 'stop' global warming

Global warming, over the last few decades, has become one of the most debated challenges facing society. There have been very few innovative remedies to combat this phenomenon which could lead to ecological disaster. A remedial concept is proposed to 'stop' or at least minimise, global warming and cool Earth. This can be achieved by focusing on the primary heat balance between human activities' generated heat and equivalent Cosmic Heat Emission. The process relates to putting Heat Reflecting Sheets on arid areas, thus combining anti-desertification measures with comparatively minimal costs involved as well as relatively quick realisation and positive results. A feasibility study based on this notion would provide a warning and a back-up move against radical actions that might be detrimental for the future of planet Earth and its sustainability.

Keywords: albedo management, anti-desertification, cool Earth, cosmic heat emission, CHE, environment, global warming, heat reflecting sheets, primary heat balance, environmental pollution

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