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Cost analysis of the psychological effects of Waste disposal

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There is a growing awareness of the value of clean, emission free products, which forms a firm foundation for continued manufacturing operations, and even potential for new plant construction. However, the possible effect of products on human health needs to be investigated as a guideline towards improved product design and production. Thus, the psychological effect of waste disposal on human health is investigated. The cost dimension is of prime interest here. Scientific work involving both theoretical and numerical fundamentals of waste disposal has been studied for decades (Hamer, 2003; Attrill and Gibb, 2003a,b). Inappropriate waste disposal by subjects is seen to come about as a result of environmental, physiological, mental and biological issues as studied in the factorial experimentation (Romualdo et al., 2002 and Chattopadhyay et al., 1995). The result of this is to induce a stress reaction, which could take forms of impaired well being, physiological dysregulation, and the ten observed factors, which results into diseases. There is no way management and control of inappropriate waste disposal will be discussed without mentioning the cost involved in undertaking the processes and steps to be followed, with the objective of disease prevention and environmental protection (Berkhout, 1991; Calijuri et al., 2004; Jain et al., 1981; Laureysens et al., 2004a,b). In this study attempt is made to analyse the cost implications of the results obtained from the factorial experimentation, which revealed that factor ‘b’ environmental factors contribute more to the psychological effects of waste disposal. Then the management would concentrate on this environmental issue. The kind of environment considered for disease prevention is one in which facilities for proper waste disposal is available.

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