Cost Comparison for Sludge Disposal (Japan)


Courtesy of AMCON Inc.


A company, manufacturing arrowroot flour and Japanese sweets in Kagoshima Prefecture, has a plenty of sludge which costs highly to be disposed. Upon the intention to reduce the cost for sludge disposal by gaining higher cake solids content, the operator was looking for a suitable dewatering equipment to replace their multi disc equipment.

Client’s Voice

As the result of the replacement of the multi disc equipment, we have been succeeding in reducing labor, gaining higher cake solids content by 3 or 4%, which made us possible to save total cost for sludge disposal by 2.78 million JPY. The cost reduction by the replacement was also highly appreciated by our president.  It was very right choice to install Volute Dewatering Press.

Comparison Data


Multi Disc (Before)

Volute (After)

Industry type

Multi Disc


DS throughput

60 kg-DS/h

60 kg-DS/h

Cake solids content



Cake amount

1587 t/year

1146 t/year

Cost for Sludge Disposal

(per ton)


6,300 JPY/t

Cost for Sludge Disposal

(per year)

9,998,100JPY /year



Customer comments

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