Cost-cutting cover-up

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When discussing enclosure packaging, it’s typical for a design engineer to have strong opinions about how to package a specific design. After all, who doesn’t want a new device to have the best packaging possible? Whether that package is intended to be an ergonomic beauty that aids (and impresses) the end user or an enclosure for protecting delicate electronics in hostile environments, the OEM design engineer wants it a “certain” way.

Wanting something a “certain” way, though, can be expensive - especially with plastic enclosures. Even though injection-molding costs have declined in recent years, a custom plastic enclosure can be pricey in both monetary cost and time to market. However, with careful planning, an engineer can gain both the looks and features of a custom solution while enjoying the lower costs associated with standard enclosures. Added benefits such as lower capital investment, faster time to market, and much fewer risks are possible.

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