Cost-effective nanopatterning for mass production

Customer: SUSS MicroTec S.A.S

Challenge: Developing a faster method for printing nano-scale geometries.

Solution: VTT and SUSS MicroTec S.A.S. have developed the most versatile nano imprinting stepper on the market. The stepper and new methods enable fast, low-cost production of flexible solar cells and nano-scale bioanalysis platforms (Lab on a Chip). The NPS300 Nano imPrinting Stepper was developed in the VTT-coordinated 31M€ EU-project 'Emerging Nanopatterning Methods (NaPa)'.

Key benefits: The new stepper is suitable for nanopatterning of optical and electronic materials and biomaterials as well as 3-dimensional replication. The method is cost-effective and fast, which makes it ideal for mass production.

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