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Cost neutral food waste diversion program case study


The Westin Grand Hotel was interested in diverting more materials out o( their waste stream as a step toward improving their environmental performance. Specifically, they wanted to divert food waste, but were concerned about the operational impact of this green initiative. Their primary concerns were how this would affect their budget, affect their staff, and affect their food and beverage operations.

Prior to working with RecycleSmart, all waste (garbage, food waste as well as other recyclable materials) was disposed of in a compactor that was serviced on a fixed schedule.

The combination of a limited recycling program and as RecycleSmart discovered, a poorly utilized compactor, resulted in excessive and escalating costs to the hotel in the form of transportation and landfill disposal fees.

The Results
Acknowledging the challenges defined by the Westin Grand Hotel, RecycleSmart worked with them to implement a RecyleSmart Program:

A compactor monitor was added to determine when the compactor reached optimal capacity. This initiative resulted in reducing the number of required pick-ups by over 50%. The issue that RecycleSmart uncovered was that the compactor was consistently getting serviced when it was only halt full. This is a common problem as most companies are unsure how to determine when a compactor is 'full' or how many tonnes of material they should expect their equipment to hold.

RecycleSmart changed compactor pickups from a set schedule to on-call. This was achieved using a monitor and wireless technology, which alerts RecycleSmart when the compactor is nearing optimal capacity. RecycleSmart verifies the alert, which is then passed onto the vendor to request service for the compactor. Additional alerts notify RecycleSmart of service confirmation, which limits any disruption to the hotel's operations.

RecycleSmart worked with the hotel to implement a food waste recycling program that involved employee consultation, kitchen floor plan design, informational signage, vendor negotiation, collection bins and program monitoring. The removal of food from the main waste stream further reduced the frequency of compactor services as well as reduced waste to landfill by 30%, which resulted in less landfill fees paid by the hotel!

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