Cost savings through international systems

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The tough economic climate in which we find ourselves has led to business closures, unemployment, and shrunken order books around the world. But for many businesses, it has also inspired proactive managers to take a closer look at how the business operates, both in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

A detailed examination of the way in which a business operates can frequently lead to improved efficiency and valuable cost savings. IMSM, who specialize in international standards leading to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001, has found that businesses which undergo the mapping and documentation of their processes frequently find cost savings of up to 15%.

These savings can be made as a result of re- examining the work flow and questioning why things are done that way. As a recent customer explained, “The whole process has brought the team together. Each section now understands the issues which affect other sections, and all staff have a broader understanding and tolerance of how their actions to complete one process affect other processes. We have already been able to make savings through efficiencies, and through implementing systems, which mean we do not make the same mistake twice and waste resources.”

As well as improving their quality management levels, achieving IS0 9001 has been shown to have a direct impact on corrective action systems, and reducing returns and complaints. Any problems that arise are immediately corrected once and for all, meaning that repeat mistakes are not made.

Another IMSM customer outlined their experience: “We aspire to deliver added value, so this keeps us on our toes, and facilitates the consistent maintenance of management systems. The IMSM assessor identified how we could save further costs by improving our truck delivery system. ”

The documentation process also highlighted a unique solution to a problem in despatch. Rather than just putting the problem down to “human error”, it was found that two of the employees could not read the small printing on the invoices. An ophthalmologist was called in and nine employees were found to need spectacles. Accuracy and hence customer satisfaction rose dramatically.

By scrutinising and refining their processes with the help of IMSM, other customers have made big savings on scrap metal, cardboard, and toxic waste disposal, by selling it to approved specialist processors. Such actions are not only cost effective, but demonstrate responsibility. Achieving international standards is therefore of practical benefit, as well as demonstrating to the world that the business has ongoing systems in place to improve efficiency and take a responsible attitude towards the environment.

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