Costs comparison of Sewage Treament Plants

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Don’t consider the initial purchase cost of Sewage Treatment systems as the only costs to look at when looking to buy a Sewage Treatment Plant. Check the 'hidden' expenses before purchasing your Sewage Treatment Plant otherwise you may pay thousands of pounds more than anticipated because of the the installation, emptying and maintenance costs of your sewage treatment plant.

Here is the equation to calculate the real cost of Sewage Treatment. This cost is composed of five major elements:

Cost of Tank

This cost depends of course of the Sewage Treatment model you purchase. Very often, cheaper units are also the most expensive to maintain and fix later on.

Cost of Installation

The cost of installation varies enormously depending on your installer and is subject to site conditions. For instance in case of high ground water conditions your installation will be requiring a lot of concrete which will lead to a raise of your overall installation costs. The installation of an electrical system will also require an electrical supply. This can be only done by an electrician who will have to be paid for. BIOROCK is probably one of the cheapest units to install, being one of the smallest sewage treatments available, requiring very low electricity supply and no electricity at all in some cases. BIOROCK can be installed in a day as a “retrofit” afer an existing septic tank, reducing installation costs considerably.

Cost of Emptying

The emptying of your tank is one of the most expensive parts of Sewage Treatment maintenance. The costs of desludge of your tank by a licensed contractor will be around £150 to £180 depending on the volume to empty. Usually, an electrical 5 person system will be desludged every 6 to 12 months. Of course, the more frequently your plant needs to be emptied the more you will have to payfor it on an annual basis. One of the main BIOROCK advantage is the large volume of its settlement tank, leading to 2 to 3 year emptying interval depending on the pollution produced and use of the system.

Cost of Maintenance

Every plant requires maintenance. This maintenance will usually be done annually by certified contractors. This is absolutely necessary to maintain your system properly. Think of it when choosing your Sewage Treatment Plant: some plants require servicing twice a year. Think that the more complicated the system the more there is to fail either electrically or mechanically. BIOROCK has the most simple, natural technology, with no moving parts and thus no breakdowns, and requires only an annual service. When parts of an electrical sewage treatment system fail you then have to pay for the replacement and fitting of the spare parts, which is very expensive.

Cost of Electricity

An electrical Sewage Treatment Plant requires electricity which has naturally to be paid for. The running costs of a classic SBR or RBC sewage treatment system (6 person system) usually costs between £150 to £300 a year, larger systems being possibly much more power-consuming. The BIOROCK is the only non-electric Sewage Treatment Process and costs nothing to run.

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