County council chooses mono nov for gypsy site sewage disposal


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Phillip Dempster, Principal Officer, Corporate Resources Property, with East Sussex County Council, said the
authority had first of all approached the local water authority regarding a scheme which would be adopted as a public utility, but in view of the costs involved they looked at other alternatives and decided to approach Mono because of the reputation of their products.

The combination of the SB Muncher grinder and the compact progressing cavity pump element gives all the savings of small bore discharge pipework plus the added bonus of excellent pumping efficiency. Being a positive displacement pump, head is independent of speed, therefore very low pump speeds can be selected to give very low maintenance costs.

The SB Muncher is a slow speed, high torque, parallel shaft grinder, with a rugged compact construction, developed specifically to cope with modern sewage flows and the variety of waste materials they contain. It can be operated either as an independent unit for open channel or pipeline configuration, or combined with any suitable pump.

The Muncher’s design features a one-piece cutter/box bearing housing, while the shafts are cantilevered, with the actual cutter ‘throat’ just 10 cm long. The differential speeds of the cutter stacks pull and tease apart fibrous material, while the leading edge and sides of the cutter teeth crop and shear items into small strips, and the circumferential ‘land’ of the cutter crushes friable or brittle material.

Maintenance is facilitated and made more hygienic by the location of the Compact Munchpump above the sewage in a clean, dry environment. This makes for easier, cleaner and generally a more acceptable maintenance environment, with reduced level of ‘sump entry’ risks, as entire pumping equipment is housed in a separate environment.

Each SB Muncher is supplied complete with its own control panel, incorporating motor starter gear and a logic control unit to sense and correct overloads, thereby avoiding jams.

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