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Coupling of MED–TVC with SMART for nuclear desalination

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A nuclear desalination system has been developed through a thermal coupling of the MED–TVC process and SMART – an integral type of advanced reactor producing rated thermal power of 330 MW. The integrated SMART desalination plant is consists of four units of the MED–TVC process to produce 40,000 m³/day of potable water. The number of units varies according to water production demand. The thermal coupling between SMART and each MED–TVC unit was made using a steam transformer by considering coupling optimisation conditions. The steam transformer has a function as an intermediate loop and protects any radioactive carry-over to the desalination system. The safety analysis performed on the integrated SMART system showed no safety concerns due to the coupling of the desalination system to the nuclear system. The economic evaluation of water production cost showed that the SMART nuclear desalination system can produce potable water comparable to or more economically than the other options with respect to water production costs.

Keywords: SMART, integrated SMART desalination system, MED–TVC, nuclear desalination, thermal coupling, coupling optimisation, steam transformer, safety, water production cost

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