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Coupling strategies for desalination plants with gas cooled reactors

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Of late, high temperature gas cooled reactors have received significant attention due to many desirable operational and safety characteristics. Potable water has become more and more scarce due to the increasing population and environmental problems. Seawater desalination is an important consideration when searching for a supply of potable and industrial water. This study deals with possible coupling schemes for desalination and gas cooled reactors. A number of possible combinations are taken into account. Economical analysis and performance data obtained by DEEP (Desalination Economic Evaluation Program) for these alternatives are compared. Desalination with energy obtained by fossil fuel fired power plants is also considered.

Keywords: nuclear desalination, DEEP, cost analysis, gas cooled reactors, nuclear energy, seawater desalination, high temperature reactors, desalination economic evaluation, fossil fuel, power plants

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