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Coved - Assessing the olfactory impact of a landfill site case study

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The site

  • Non-hazardous waste landfill operated by COVED, waste management division of the SAUR group
  • Multi-site waste disposal facility: household and industrial waste collection, waste sorting, waste storage, composting, recovery of biogas
  • ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001certifications
  • Odor reduction program


  • Meeting the needs of local residents and authorities
    • Compile reliable and accurate information on the odor impact of the site
    • Correlate instrumental measurements with possible odor complaints
    • Develop workable solutions to address and reduce odor nuisances
  • Check compliance with the odor concentration objective defined in the French composting regulations, even if they are not applicable to the site: 5 ouE/m3 not to be exceeded more than 175h per year (2% of time) in
  • residential areas

Two complementary approaches:

  • RQ Box solution including:
    • A mobile RQ Box electronic nose for continuous measurement of:
      • odors in ouE/m3 (according to the EN13725 standard)
      • pollutant gases: H2S, NH3 and VOCs in ppm
    • A wireless communication system
    • RQ Net software for results acquisition and display
  • Dispersion study based on the data gathered during one year with the RQ Box solution

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