Cover-all enables expansion opportunity


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Location: Fulton, MO, USA
Application: Solid Waste Recycling
Building Series: TITAN®
Building Size: 60' w x 80' l (18.2m x 24.3m)

In 2002, Kingdom Projects decided to aggressively expand their solid waste collection and retrieval services from the current 2.3 million pounds to 3.5 million pounds per year. But first, they needed to expand their facility and equipment quickly, economically and efficiently.

'We had a window of opportunity to purchase a previously used baler but we needed to expand our building to handle additional collection and the baler,' says Lon Little, General Manager, Kingdom Projects. 'We knew we had our answer when we found the Cover-All building. The installation took only eight days as compared to numerous weeks with a conventional building.'

Not only has the 60' wide  x 80' long Cover-All® TITAN® building allowed Kingdom Projects to quickly increase production by 30 per cent and employ additional people, the building has also decreased operating costs. 'The cost savings in going with a Cover-All were realized in a number of areas,' says Little. 'Not only did purchasing the building save us tens-of-thousands of dollars compared to other buildings, but our operating costs are less because we have little need for lights during the day and our building maintenance costs are almost nil.'

Cover-All® buildings' unique DuraWeave® cover allows natural light into the building creating a work environment that is like 'working outside on a bright sunny day.' The natural light and the clear-span space create a work-friendly environment to operate the 20-foot high baler, forklift and skid loader. 'Our employees prefer working in this building compared to our steel building,' says Little.

Although Kingdom Projects has just completed the expansion, there are already plans for future growth. 'We want to take further advantage of the building height by constructing an elevated sorting station,' says Little. 'The building is working very well for us because there is a lot of room to move our 2,000 lb. bales and we have a sufficient number of built-in bunker stations on the floor.'

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