Cox creek spillway improvements access road, Baltimore, MD - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

GEOTERRA® mats were employed for site access roads to an outfall from a dredge material containment facility. Because the outfall is located on the bay side of a containment dike, it is considered an environmentallysensitive area and lies within Maryland’s Critical Area—the naturally vegetated area within specified boundaries of the state’s tidal waters.

Low Impact Solution
In order to meet Maryland’s low impact mitigation requirements, GEOTERRA mats were utilized, allowing vehicle access with minimal disturbance to the site. Traffic ranging from pickup trucks to occasional rubbertired backhoes access the site for months as crews remove dredged material. To allow vegetation to grow through the open-celled mat system, the mats were installed without a geotextile underlayer. An underyling layer is used to further strengthen in heavy use applications or when softer wet soils are encountered. The mats were installed without heavy equipment by an erosion and sediment control landscape contractor.

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