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CPSC lead in products testing


Recent changes to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) program on allowable levels of lead in products have prompted new rounds of testing. As a Manufacturer (or if you are anywhere in the Supply Chain for any product sold in the United States), you are responsible for monitoring and reporting the lead content in your product. There are threshold values of allowable lead in products as well as product exemptions. Where Lead Might be Found in Products: There are thousands of products that utilize lead in varying amounts. These include, but are not limited to: consumer electrical equipment (EEE), solder, printed circuit boards, PVC, wire coatings, pigments/paint, computer chips, screws, prongs, jewelry, ceramics, glazing and coatings, glass, PC CRTs, etc. Lead Timeline:

The CPSC has revised its allowable lead content levels as follows:

  • Lead Paint: 90 ppm 08/14/2009
  • Lead in other Products1:
  • 600 ppm 02/10/2009,
  • 1000 ppm (07/01/06) EU3/RoHS
  • 300 ppm 08/14/2009
  • 100 ppm2 08/14/2011

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