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CR:243/4 noise pole – industrial power station case study


Courtesy of Cirrus Environmental

“Before the Cirrus System was installed we could never investigate noise complaints properly because the data from the time of the complaint was not available in retrospect.

We needed noise monitoring instruments that would store data continuously, with software to interrogate the monitors and download data, to give us a complete history of the noise levels at our boundaries.

We have used Cirrus Sound Level Meters over many years for our workplace noise surveys and so it was natural for us to ask Cirrus to fulfil our environmental noise measurement requirements.

The Cirrus system is easy to use by staff who are not noise specialists, and it gives us the information we need to help maintain our excellent relations with the local community.

A great thing about Cirrus is that we can talk to them as individuals. The sales and service departments work together with integrity, and they look after us very well”.

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