CR:245 Portable Noise Monitor – Motor Racing Noise Application case study


Courtesy of Cirrus Environmental

The CR:245 series consists of self contained Portable Environmental Noise Monitors, ideal for short and medium term measurements for applications such as industrial, airport, transport and construction. Both periodic environmental groups and recognised noise events are stored, along with a 7 Day Noise Profile (time history).

Operation is very straightforward simply press the start button to begin monitoring. Our NEW Noise Hub software allows you to communicate with the instrument, effectively manage your noise measurement data and create a variety of informative reports.

The instrument is fully weather protected, and can run for up to 7 days on the internal battery pack. External power can be provided to extend the operation of the unit. The unit contains many of the features of our permanent, installed noise monitors such as our Invictus

In addition to the basic measurements and functions a wide range of options such as Automatic Remote Calibration, external power source and remote download via Standard PSTN, Radio/GPRS or GSM Cellular Modem.


  • Type 1 to IEC 60651 & IEC 60804 with PTB Type approval (No. 1.41-98000415)
  • Operation for 7 days with standard internal battery (standard instrument only with no options fitted)
  • 110dB Measurement Span, 20dB(A) to 130dB(A)
  • 3 Independent Environmental Measurement Groups
  • Recognised Noise Events with active templates
  • Noise Profile (Time History) data
  • 10m Microphone Cable with extension cables up to 50m
  • Robust Design provides protection during operation and transport
  • Fully Weather protected
  • Remote download and ‘live data’ management

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