CR:245/SP Semi-Permanent Noise Monitoring System example application case study


Courtesy of Cirrus Environmental

Project Summary
For a large construction site, noise monitoring was required at the boundary nearest to residents. As the construction progressed, the noise monitor would be moved to the next designated location.

Security of the equipment was paramount in this urban environment as the site was not always secure. The measurement data needed to be downloaded remotely using the NoiseHub software to provide reporting and data achiving.

By using the CR:245/SP Semi-Permanent Noise Monitor, the customer had the capability to relocate the measurement system as needed over the life of the project with the added cost and complexity of dismantling a permanently installed noise monitor.

The measurement functions and performance provided by the system are the same as for the Permanent and Portable Noise Monitoring unit.

Project Features

  • Semi-permanent installation to allow for equipment relocation
  • Urban location with possible security & vandalism problems
  • Remote data download over GSM to allow for reporting & data analysis
  • External battery pack for 4 weeks operation

Equipment Summary

  • CR:245/SP Semi-Permanent Noise Monitor
  • MK:245 Outdoor Microphone
  • GSM Cellular Modem
  • NoiseHub Software with Automatic Download & Reporting Functions
  • Custom installation hardware

Customer comments

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