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CR243/4 Boundary noise monitoring application case study


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Equipment Summary

This is an example of a Boundary Noise Monitoring System that has been built using the Noise-Hub software and Fixed Noise Monitors. A Boundary Noise Monitoring System can be expanded using additional Noise Monitors

This type of system is used at Oil Refineries, Power Stations and Petrochemical Plants.

This type of system is used to continuously monitor and record the noise impact of the operation and to ensure that any given noise limits and controls are met.

Fixed noise monitors are located at the boundary of the site and are connected back to a PC using Ethernet, RS232 using Line Drivers or Dial up modems. For live display of the noise levels, a direct connection using either RS232 over Line Drivers or Ethernet is recommended.

The Invictus “Noise Pole” is often used due to it’s high physical security and simple installation.

Live noise levels are displayed in the Control Room using the web services to present information to the site’s monitoring system as well as downloading measurement data to a PC for long term recording and reporting.

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