Create 400,000 jobs in 2010 – invest in water infrastructure

Investment in Water Infrastructure

The Water Infrastructure Network (WIN) a coalition of the nation’s leading construction, engineering, conservation, labor, municipal and manufacturing organizations, firmly believes that a federal investment of $20 B in our nation’s critical water infrastructure is the single most effective means for creating quality jobs with federal funding.   Leading economists have estimated that between 20,003 and 26,669 construction, engineering and manufacturing jobs are created for every billion dollars of federal investment in water infrastructure.  A federal investment of $20 B in ready-to-go water infrastructure projects would create over 400,000 jobs in 2010.

Investing in water infrastructure creates thousands of quality jobs in the short-term, dramatically improves our nation’s long-term competitiveness and improves the quality of water for every American.  Water infrastructure investments make eminent economic and environmental sense.  Outlined below is a detailed analysis of the job creation potential of water infrastructure investment, the documented ready-to-go water infrastructure projects and the measures necessary to expedite federal investment in water infrastructure to maximize job creation in 2010.

I. Job Creation Potential

Federal investment in America’s water and wastewater infrastructure will create an estimated 20,003 to 26,669 jobs per $1 B of federal investment according to a report produced in July 2009.  This report, entitled Sudden Impact, can be viewed in its entirety by opening the below hyperlink.  The job creation findings found in Sudden Impact are in line with similar studies conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America and various federal agencies.

Federal investment in water and wastewater infrastructure will result in significant job creation in every region and state.  The projected job creation per $1B of federal investment on a state-by-state basis is contained in the below report by the Associated General Contractors of America.  Federal investment in water and wastewater infrastructure will also create jobs in communities of every size.  Assessments of water and wastewater infrastructure needs conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Government Accountability Office and the Water Infrastructure Network have identified tremendous needs in our nation’s largest and smallest communities with projected shortfalls in funding approaching $500 B over the next 20 years.

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