WRAP (The Waste & Resources Action Programme)

Creating a waste difference in Scotland

Our vision is to make a virtuous circle of the resource efficiency loop; to keep the amount of waste we produce to a minimum, and to reuse or recycle unavoidable waste into valuable products for which there is strong demand. This in turn will reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Working efficiently, this model not only reduces waste and our need to use virgin materials, but also brings real benefits to our economy and reduces our carbon footprint, helping us contribute towards combating global climate change. WRAP’s unique ability to influence all parts of the resource efficiency loop makes us well-placed to help the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Governments deliver their resource and climate change agendas. Through a combination of research, behaviour-change campaigns, financial, technical and business support, strategic engagement and partnership building, we are able to have a considerable impact on these agendas.

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