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Creatives, creative production and the creative market

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Creatives are a broad group differentiated by their mode of production, lifestyle and needs. This divergence in discipline and activities means that not all creatives are attracted to one particular place; instead, they are spatially incongruent. This paper focuses on the environments created by creatives' activities: one for creative production, another for the creative market. A city need not contain both environments. The creative markets are hard to form and are often established in areas that organically develop from areas of a particular 'scene'. The 'scene' attracts creatives of certain artistic expression and creative output. Creatives move to the creative market that suite them. A sustainable 'creative city' should nurture and support the development of the existing local human resources and creative production environment. It is important to understand the local context and how to provide the correct cross-border cooperation, connecting creatives to their creative markets.

Keywords: creatives, workplace, connectivity, creativity, creative production, creative markets, creative cities, urban development, human resources, cross-border cooperation, sustainability, sustainable development

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