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Creativity and new architectural assets: the complex value of beauty

In the global competition among worldwide cities, the aesthetic dimension has assumed a relevant role, becoming a development factor, as demonstrated by several experiences. With reference to some recent examples of 'new architectural assets' that combine creativity, innovation and aesthetic, the authors apply the notion of the 'complex social value' proposed for the historical/cultural heritage (Fusco Girard and Nijkamp, 1997) in the evaluation of the beauty of new urban design projects, whose fruition, from an ordinary experience, becomes a particular experience which integrates the 'use value' with the research of immaterial components (symbols, meanings, originality, etc.). The evaluation of the complex value of beauty that characterises some new architectural assets, integrating tangibles and intangibles aspects, helps in revitalisation of urban spaces projects, promoting also creative capacity.

Keywords: creativity, beauty, new architectural assets, complex social value, aesthetics, culture, cultural heritage, urban design, urban spaces, creative cities

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