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Creativity enhancement software: a systemic approach

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Intense conditions of competition provide the main driver behind the search for innovation opportunities. The nature of competition demands that the search has to be more systematic than in the past in order to be effective (right first time) and more efficient in resource usage (more from less). In response to this situation the authors are developing a computer-enhanced technique for seeking innovation opportunities based upon a conceptual framework of systems thinking. Within this framework several conceptual tools have been developed including the Design Acceptance Cycle (DAC), which is embodied in creativity enhancement software called Serendipity. The technique uses systems based principles of complementarism such as the use of analogy and metaphor to stimulate radical reconceptualisations of solutions for embodiment into the physical product, Designers working with problem owners are exposed to original and new perspectives gained by exploring the "product-in-use" and the tacit or personal knowledge of the user. In particular, the method should expose the tacit knowledge of "products-in-use" in similar or analogous techniques or processes.

Keywords: creativity, knowledge, knowledge management, new product concepts, product design, Serendipity software, systemic thinking, user satisfaction

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